Homes for Sale in Wilmington NC

Homes for Sale in Wilmington NC
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Hunting for that Beachfront Bargain?

Doesn’t finding an affordable piece of real estate at the beach sound close to impossible? Carly Forman, of Coastal Green Properties, was featured on HGTV’s Beach Front Bargain Hunt: “Agent turned buyer in NC”, to show what to look for when scouting out that heavenly piece of property.  Carly stresses the importance of:

  • Location!
    • The price will normally fluctuate according to how close to the water you prefer, however, if you are prepared for some DIY and R&R, you could find yourself a diamond in the rough for a great price.
  • HOA
    • Many condominiums have a homeowners association that can affect and restrict homeowners in many ways from outer alterations to collecting community dues; it is a good idea to research whether an HOA would be preferable or not.
  • Possible income
    • As Carly mentioned in her episode, their beachfront property would be a second home for their family, having a second home is a great opportunity for passive income to rent out during the off season.

Be sure to watch Carly’s Episode here to pick up additional tips for finding that affordable dream home!




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