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Homes for Sale in Wilmington NC
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Introducing our Youtube “How To’s”!

Coastal Green Properties is rolling out “How To” videos on our Youtube Channel, homessoldbycarly. The latest video, narrated by our very own Carly Forman, details the process of white washing a brick fireplace! Continuing the #projectecholane, Coastal Green Properties will be showing its viewers ways to upscale and upgrade their living space.

You can see how big the transformation is and how it can only improve with accessories and items that create that homey feeling. This project took about an hour and a half with two people working on it. The materials are very cost efficient for such a beautiful outcome. You will need:

  1. Flat white paint
  2. Mixing quart bucket and paint mixing stick
  3. Drop cloth and tape
  4. Paint brush, make sure it cost at least $10 lol

Carly’s tips for creating the desired whitewash affect are,

Fill up your mixing quart with equal parts white flat paint and water. Stir until mixed, you should have a thin “wash like” consistency. Clean your bricks and prep your area. Then get to it!! :)”

AND stayed tune for what’s to come on #projectecholane and any future projects Carly and the Coastal Green crew will jump into by subscribing to homessoldbycarly!



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