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Homes for Sale in Wilmington NC & Charlotte NC
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Staging Houses to Improve Sales

There are several tips and tricks that go into the selling of a house. A trending topic in real estate is the staging of homes. Many realtors will furnish and touch up homes prior to the buyers visit in order to appeal to the buyer’s wants and needs. Home staging is able to maximize the strengths of a house while simultaneously lower the weaknesses. By making the home more personalized, over 70% of buyers felt that home staging made the process feel more personal and they could much better visualize the property as their future home.


The first thing you see when touring a house is the exterior. While most people would imagine that home staging would only be adding to the interior of the house, skilled stagers have noted that improving the appeal of the exterior, such as a clean sidewalk and driveway or a fresh cut lawn with flowers are very crucial to increase interest in the property.


Once buyers are drawn in from the fresh and welcoming exterior, the interior is expected to be exceptionally clean and clutter free. A nice and simple room adds a lot of potential for the buyer without overcrowding their thoughts with unnecessary decorations. The more basic the room, the more applicable it is to the average perspective buyer that tours the house. Many people describe the perfect room to be an equal balance between clean and lived in. An example of this would be by keeping the bathroom clean and simple and just adding a comfy looking bathrobe to give the allusion that the house is lived in. By showing buyers a solid in between that is welcoming and fits their desired appearance.


With basic neutral colors and symmetrical furniture placement, the illusion of a conversational and homely area is established. Another unexpected trick that home stagers use is opening up all closet doors so that the perspective buyers are able to see all of the applicable spaces throughout the house. This leads into the maximization of the home by utilizing all rooms and large spaces to improve the house’s appeal. Last but not least, the aroma of the home. While it is not what most people have in mind as important to home staging, the odor of the house is unknowingly very important to touring buyers.


Home staging is very crucial to the overall sales of a property. The minor details can often be the most important as well as placing yourself in the shoes of the buyer. A basic yet sophisticated home allows for buyers to establish their own interpretation of the house that they have toured and are on average more likely to be interested in something more neutral and intrinsic.

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