Homes for Sale in Wilmington NC

Homes for Sale in Wilmington NC
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TGIF on Pleasure Island

We made it! Hurricane Dorian has come and gone, unfortunately,  leaving a trail behind. However, in true Carolina fashion, the morning following such an ugly, treacherous night was as beautiful as they come. The Cape Fear community has rallied together, once more, to recover from this Category 3 hurricane! Luckily, unlike last year with Hurricane Florence, the damage and flooding sustained was significantly less.

Most events have been canceled because of the weather this weekend, but there has been an influx of residents and citizens of the community wanting to help those in need. Below are some resources, if you’d like to get involved. In addition, the Bahamas took¬†the nasty brunt of the hurricane this time, resources to help support our Caribbean neighbors will also be linked!


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