Homes for Sale in Wilmington NC & Charlotte NC

Homes for Sale in Wilmington NC & Charlotte NC
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TGIF on Pleasure Island


Eastern North Carolina is enriched with such deep rooted southern history. When you travel towards Downtown, Wilmington, you may see a few statues of important figures from the Civil War. These symbols help remind us of our past and also, remind us to appreciate our community and the success of our nation.

Most know Fort Fisher for one of a few things, including: the aquarium, beaches, or, for one of the most important historical battles for the Civil War. January 15th, marks the anniversary for such an important battle. The Battle of Fort Fisher, in 1865,  marked the end of the Civil War more than 150 years ago.

The Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Fisher will be celebrated Sunday, January 18th-19th at the Fort Fisher State Historic Site. There will be Civil War re-enactors present to answer questions and perform for visitors interested in seeing history before their eyes. There will also be a local ¬†photographer available to take pictures with an authentic 1860’s wet plate photography studio!

Don’t miss out on experiencing some awesome local history! Visit their website for more information.



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