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Homes for Sale in Wilmington NC & Charlotte NC
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TGIF on Pleasure Island

COVID-19 has lead to the closing of most non-essential businesses, and because of this, there are no local Cape Fear events for the upcoming future. To protect your health and others around you, states have been suggesting social distancing. However, you can still get out and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather even if you cannot enjoy the company of friends and family for the time being.

Here are some outdoor adventure ideas to help you avoid any boredom:

  • Carolina Beach State Park
    • They are open and are a great option to get out of the house and exercise without jeopardizing the health of others.
    • Look for more open parks here.
  • Go Camping (in the backyard)
    • Watch the sunset from your driveway or roof (if you’re feeling really adventurous)
    • Learn how to make a fire or cook over a fire
    • The SKyView Lite is a free app that shows you the stars, constellations, and more
  • Workout OutDoors
    • (With your household) go for a walk, run, ┬ábike ride, hike.
    • Driveways are a great workout space
      • If you have kids, you can make a fun workout game with chalk!
  • Still miss seeing people and working in teams?
    • A lot of organizations are streaming meetings in order to stay connected and maintain skills
    • There are also a lot of free streaming and on-demand How To videos
    • Example: Social Distancing Scavenger Hunt!

Stay Safe!


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